HP Fan Fiction Research Aids

Here are just a few links that you should find helpful.



Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fanfiction ~ A great, rather lengthy essay about writing fanfiction that covers quite a bit of ground and offers good advice.

UNIVERSAL MARY SUE LITMUS TEST - This handy little link will give you and your character a little personality check, a rather in-depth one and tell you whether or not your character is too much, too little or all right.  After a while, you can see the Sue-ness coming the moment you start writing. lol.  Very handy

HPL: Wizarding World Currency Converter ~ Convert those galleons, knuts and sickles to another currency.

Pounds to Stones conversion calculator - Weight conversions ~ Get the weight right in English measurements.

Harry Potter Spell List ~ A straight list of spells used in the HP universe and what they do.

The Harry Potter Lexicon ~ One of the most complete references anywhere to the world of Harry Potter, including encyclopedias, timelines, atlases, reader's guides

Half-Blood Prince The Ultimate Canon Severus Snape Site ~ If you want to write a Snape that's true to form, you HAVE to check this site out.  Goes in depth into Snape's character, mannerisms, appearance and quirks.

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Wiki ~ A very good character breakdown of Hermione Granger.

Where is Spinner's End? ~ An excellent and intriguing essay that speculates on where Snape grew up, the location and even how his mannerisms could have been developed because of that locale.  Very good reading for those fascinated with the character. Located in the HPL.

Halrloprillalar's Fan Fiction Drabble-Matic ~ Oh man, this is so much FUN.  This is sort of a mad-lib program for creating drabbles about HG/SS.  You put in nouns, adjectives, etc, then generate stories.  They can be hilarious!  Hairloprllalar is brilliant!

A Dictionary of British Slang ~ Great site for us yanks

VampGirl's Vampire Myths from around the World ~ Just in case you want to put some vampires in the mix.  Nice little page about them.

British Life ~ Some details about how life is in England

Create-a-Character ~ Fill in the blank form that creates a very basic template for an original character. 

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