Some Original Songs in Realplayer by Ruth Solomon
(Very Amateur)

Me in the G-Wagon <g>

An Original Song: Rainbow

Back in the nineties I did a little song writing for a small production company.  We couldn't afford paid vocalists so I would demo the songs myself, pretty horribly really.  There's a lot of cracking and lost breath and off-pitches...but what the hey. I'm no Whitney. lol.  For you brave enough to want to hear me you go.  I do much better at the karaoke spots now though. lol.  Older and more free-minded I guess.  Rainbow is an original song, very simple. I played the keyboard and strings as best I could for this, and Jonathan Floyd did the bass and guitar parts.  We didn't have any percussion.

Rainbow (Realplayer needed)

Come and talk to me my darling
the sound of your silence is like the heart of the darkest storm
and I can feel something's very wrong.

Come and laugh with me, my baby.
The sound of your laughter's like a stranger to my ears,
and I can feel the thunder of your tears.

I can hear your winds just rippling,
feel your thunder and your lightning
Hear the steady downpour of your rain>
Let me be your shining rainbow.
Let me color you with love's glow.
Let me make your world brand new again.

And I know it ain't been easy,
I know we've gone through changes
faced our hurricanes along the way.
But we can batten down the hatches
and we can always fight the good fight
make the thunderclouds all roll away.

Find Another Situation:
An Original Song to a well-known jazz tune.

I wrote this song to a well-known jazz backdrop...though I thought it was one of Jonathan's originals.  He tricked me.  I was so mad.  But it's a song with attitude and I made it by dubbing over and over on my own little tape recorder at home, so the quality isn't that great. But the song was fun.  A kick out song. lol

Go Find Another Situation (Realplayer needed)

Go and start another relationship with someone who'll take care of you.

I don't like the hours you keep.
You come home late and disturb my sleep
Want to make love when you know I'm beat
and I'm tired

The landlord came and he wants the rent.
I gave you half, I know the money's spent.
I won't ask you where it went
but you're fired.

Go and find another situation
I don't care what you find
Go and find another occupation
other than blowing my mind
Go and find another situation
I don't care what you do
go and find another relationship
with someone who'll take care of you

You put a big dent in my car
Called to China...said you wouldn't call far
it's getting so I don't know
who you are anymore.

I filled the fridge as full as can be.
You fed your friends and left nothing for me
I'm so tired and I want to be free,
there's the door.


Your skin color may be different from mine.
Your eyes may glow with a different shine.
Your culture from another land, another time.
But destiny has made our lives entwine.
You keep your home in a different place.
Distrust the motives of a different face.
The writing on the wall cannot be moved, although displaced
and our human family has one saving grace

And that's together we can breakaway
from the sins of our fathers
We can grow, and we can teach one another
The lovely thing is that each life is born anew
and we can breakaway to do the things
which we should do.

Look at me, brown of eye and chocolate-skinned.
I look at you. Life's rainbow starts to spin. the universal scheme
the only thing that's colored is our dreams.

Never Again

My old friend the time has come, the tables turned
and our friendship is like ashes on the wind.
How you've grown, and I've outlived my usefulness
put your promises back in the box again.

You touched my heart so I cared for you.
I split my soul and I shared with you.
Picked up your cross and I beared for you.
Oh how I beared for you.

And still, I wish the best for you.

Though I don't know why you hurt me in this way,
and I don't know why you took your love away.

My old friend, our Bird of Paradise has flown
and the friendship we have built has fell apart,
crumbling, tumbling down to the earth just like
the broken pieces of my heart.
This is my final goodbye to you.
This is the last song I'll write for you.
This is the last time I'll cry for you,
the last time I'll cry for you.

But still I'll keep a prayer for you.

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