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by Ruth Solomon

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Rating NC-17 for graphic sex and language.
Content for Adults aged 18 and older please.

A 2000 year old war.  Sorcerers vs. Clerics.  It is now the 21st century and the battle continues.
The sorcerers have technology and magic.  The clerics have their zealous faith, powerful prayers and a holy city
that has never been breached.  Yet sorceress Dahlia Joiner hopes to raze Damar to the ground with the help of
educator and lover Artimus Rogue, a young former cleric named Driscoll Pipes and as many sorcerers
as she can convince to join the offensive.

The violence must end in her lifetime.

You Cannot Create What You Do Not Know. ~ Sorcerers' Creed


Magical and mundane worlds overlap in this modern day tale of magic and mayhem.  A two thousand year old war quietly rages as sorcerers fight for the right to exist. These are not the sorcerers of archaic history. These sorcerers live in the modern world of today. They work, have homes, families, pay taxes and play X-box. Above all, they learn, spending a great deal of time in educational pursuits of all types.  Education is the source of their magic and every sorcerer worth his or her salt strives to gather as many degrees as possible in order to be accepted into the Finklenook Institute of Higher Magical Learning and Research where science meets magic. Their goal is to leave something of worth, some new discovery behind so they will be remembered.  In this world, knowledge is truly power.

If not for the blood-thirsty clerics who hunt them, theirs would be a good life. In every society there are those who protect. In this story, we will meet several of these individuals. Finklenook Undergraduate Dahlia Joiner wishes the war to end in her lifetime, having lost loved ones to the bigotry exercised against her kind. She is a member of the Protectors, a loosely associated group of sorcerers that, among other duties,  meet, battle and try to defeat any clerics that enter the magical realm. Educator Artimus Rogue has the same agenda, although killing clerics would be a pleasure even without the noble sentiments. Artimus works alone toward his goal, having a twenty year old grudge towards the Protectors, who failed in their duties with dire results to his family. He is also the one, if not the only, sorcerer who ever escaped Damar after capture.

There is a secret attraction between Dahlia and Artimus, one they never attempted to explore for one reason or another.  It is when Artimus discovers that Dahlia has a little secret ripening in one of the Creation rooms that the flames are not only fanned, but burst into an all-consuming fire.  Too bad Dahlia doesn't find out the truth of the matter until much later, then the sparks truly fly between the couple.  Throw in a talking familiar, a gamer friend and a slew of other interesting characters, including the heretical Antimage and the evil Elam Heiss and you have a tale full of adventure, humor and erotica that will keep you entertained for hours.


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