The Burning Pen

Professor Snape Bangs Again
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 5 ~ Hermione Uses Her Head

Hermione suffered through the snickers and laughter of her fellow students in the Great Hall at breakfast, as well as in the Hogwarts corridors. She wouldn't react to the jibes and comments, but held her head high and went about her business as normal. She had no choice.

It was only when Luna Lovegood walked up to her with her buggy eyes and dreamlike manner and asked, "Did you like Professor Snape spanking you?" that Hermione almost lost it.

"No! I certainly did not like it Luna! Why would you ask me such a thing?" she said to the witch.

Luna shrugged.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I would have liked it. Professor Snape is so sexy," she replied, drifting away.

Luna Lovegood WAS insane. Hermione had heard others say this but now she was sure of it. She wished Luna could exchange places with her. At least she'd enjoy the situation.

All night, Hermione had tossed and turned as images of New Years Eve haunted her dreams, the way the Potions Master took her, the lustful look of pure pleasure in his dark eyes as he selfishly partook of her body in several different positions, plunging his cock into her over and over despite her ache and protestations.

He wanted her to submit to a whole weekend of that kind of treatment from him. An entire weekend for a scholarship. If she didn't agree, the wizard would most likely fail her.

"It's only a weekend. After it's over you will have what you need to attend Lewder's. It's a sure thing," a little inner voice said to her.

"But it's selling myself," the witch argued with her logic.

"It's not selling. It's a price you're paying. If you hadn't acted so immaturely in his classroom, you wouldn't be in this situation now," her logic said to her. "If you had just accepted the Professor's lack of interest, your grades would be better and you could have worked on getting them up to par. You did bring this on yourself."

"But he is taking advantage of me…of my situation," Hermione argued.

"Yes he is. But he is also offering you something you dearly want. When you're a full Potions Mistress, you can poison him. No one will suspect you," logic dictated.

This thought made Hermione feel a little better. She might not poison him, but could find a way to make the Professor pay when she was out of his authority. She knew a little bit about getting revenge.

What concerned Hermione the most was the pain he would give her. The wizard was brutal and selfish when he fucked and had used her body like he owned it. If she could find a way around the pain…then she could deal with this better.

Hm…find her way around the pain…

She had an hour before the next class and headed for the library. There had to be something she could take to remove herself from what the Professor was going to do to her. He had said she needed to learn to look out for herself.

That's exactly what she intended to do.


As a seventh year, Hermione was allowed to leave Hogwarts after class hours. After Potions class, where she conducted herself like a perfect student despite the snickers of her classmates and outright jibes of Draco Malfoy, she changed clothes and headed across the grounds to the Main Gates. She apparated to Diagon Ally and then walked up the dismal Knockturn Alley, her wand held in readiness as she passed all the unsavory characters that convened there.

She headed for Druary's Apocathery Shop, a small, bad-smelling place that kept an astounding amount of ready-made potions. She opened the door and something let out a horrible screech as she entered, and she winced. Hadn't they ever heard of bells?

The place stunk of boiled cabbage and the gods knew what else. Wrinkling her nose, she walked up to the counter, where an old wizard with a surprisingly pleasant face stood. He looked too old to live his face was so wrinkled. He had bushy white eyebrows, bright brown eyes, a long, drooping mustache, and a longer beard than the Headmaster. His robes were brown and monk-like, with a large hood on the back and tied with a piece of hemp

"Hello," he said in a strong, clear voice. I am Master Toorahloo, the apocathery here. Now what can I do for a lovely young witch such as yourself?" he asked her, his eyes twinkling with pleasure as they swept over her muggle clothing. They were so much more revealing than robes. His old eyes hadn't rested on a woman's curves in years, and he was quite appreciative.

"Hello Master Toorahloo," Hermione said, "I was wondering if you carried "First Night Potion?"

Hermione reddened as the apocathery's eyes swept over her again, a small smirk on his wrinkled lips.

"So…taking the plunge, young witch? No pun intended," the wizard said, eyeing her.

Hermione looked at him, deciding what to say. An apocathery was like a doctor in his way, so Hermione decided to tell him exactly why she needed it.

"Well sir, it's not actually my first time," she said blushing furiously, "But I'm kind of involved with a wizard who is…is a bit overzealous when it comes to sex," she said in a low voice, looking around the shop to see if anyone overheard her. But she was the only customer.

"Can't you tell your young man to take it easy?" the wizard asked her, frowning slightly.

"No sir. It really isn't like that," she replied, her eyes shifting downward.

Master Toorahloo could easily see that the witch was obviously involved in a situation where she was being victimized. Probably being blackmailed in some way. He saw this all the time in Knockturn Alley. A pity really. Wizards could be such pigs. He looked thoughtful. She certainly was pretty.

"Give me a moment," he said to the witch as he turned and scanned the dusty shelves lined with bottles behind him. He reached out and selected a pink bottle, then peered around again and selected a blue one. He turned and set them both on the counter. He picked up the pink one.

"This is the "First Night" potion. Imbibing it will make sex less painful and more enjoyable, no matter how brutal your lover is. It is extra strength," the Master said, looking at the witch as her face lit up.

"That's exactly what I need," Hermione said, her heart lifting somewhat. "What is that blue bottle?"

The Master smiled.

"Ah, that my dear is the "Have a Little Tenderness" potion. You imbibe this one and your lover is compelled to be tender toward you during sex. It is primarily utilized by witches whose lovers do not provide adequate foreplay or physical displays of tenderness, such as kisses, caresses, or embraces. The only downside of this potion is the lover is aware he is being compelled to do something against his nature. It doesn't stop him but the aftermath of using this potion is not always pretty since most wizards don't like their sexual techniques tampered with. If you take this potion, be sure to do so when it is your last sexual act and you will be parting soon or else there can be terrible repercussions," Master Toorahloo said, his face sober.

Hm. The Potions Master forced to be tender to her as if he were a caring lover? Now that interested her. Both potions did. But more than likely she only had enough for one of them. Logic said to take the "First Night" potion, because the wizard would not be able to detect that, since it affected her. He might just think she had toughened up. But she would love to have the Tenderness potion too.

"How much for the First Night potion?" she asked, hoping she had enough.

"Six galleons," the wizard replied.

"And for the Tenderness potion?" she asked tentatively.

"Twenty galleons," he replied.

Hermione's face fell. She only had ten galleons.

Master Toorahloo looked at the pretty young witch thoughtfully.

"However, I will take six galleons and a kiss for both of them," he added, his bushy eyebrows raised.

Hermione looked at the old man consideringly. Everybody wanted something, didn't they?

"A kiss where?" she asked him, hoping he didn't want a full-fledged kiss. She wouldn't be able to do it.

He smiled, showing white strong teeth. Hermione noticed a small purple mark on his neck over his jugular, like a bruise.

"On the cheek would be fine," he said.

Relieved, Hermione counted six galleons out of her purse, then leaned over the counter and kissed the wizard's weathered cheek. The old man smiled delightedly.

"I've still got it," he said, his brown eyes twinkling down at her as he bagged up her purchases.

"Now you be sure to use these. Intimacy should always be a pleasant affair," the Master said.

"I will. Good-bye Master Toorahloo," Hermione said, exiting the shop.

The wizard looked after her. Such a pretty, pretty witch. It was a shame whoever was blessed with having her didn't have enough sense to treat her with appreciation. If only he were one-hundred and fifty years younger…

Master Toorahloo sighed and started straightening up the remaining bottles.

Hermione exited Knockturn Alley with a little spring in her step. She might not be able to control every aspect of this situation, but she could control some parts.

When the Potions Master said that Hermione would be Slytherinized, he had no idea she would take to it so well.

Or so soon.


Thursday afternoon found Hermione in the Potions Master's classroom. This time, the Professor was noticing her, looking at her with hooded eyes as she worked on her class assignment. She was to give her answer to him today. His spanking of her proved to be quite effective. She had returned to the well-behaved, studious witch she was, though she did not participate as much, but sat listening as other students answered questions that she knew the answers to.

This irritated the Potions Master a bit. Hermione was annoying and thought too much of her knowledge, but at least her participation offered others a chance to learn more as she brought up points he wouldn't have touched upon otherwise. So sometimes he found her inquisitiveness useful.

Another thing that bothered Severus was Hermione wasn't the jumpy mass of raw nerves and worry he expected her to be at facing such a decision. She had to know he was going to fuck her royally, but she seemed completely relaxed. Even when he had purposely invaded her space while they were doing a quick base and she was bent over her cauldron and he stepped behind her, mere inches from her body, she had very little reaction to him. Had she decided to throw her scholarship away? That would be a shame. She would make a fine Potions Mistress. But he wouldn't help her if she didn't submit to him. He wasn't nice that way.

Finally class was let out, and Severus called to Hermione as she hoisted her backpack on her shoulder and started to exit the room.

"Miss Granger, a word if you please," he said silkily.

Hermione turned and walked up to his desk. The Potions Master waited until the last student exited before he addressed her.

"Today is Thursday," he said, his black eyes leveled at her. "Time to give me your answer, Miss Granger."

Hermione's amber eyes swept over him coolly.

"But Thursday isn't over yet, Professor. I still have several hours left to tell you my decision," she replied smoothly.

The Potions Master scowled.

"But you can tell me now, Miss Granger. You've had enough time to think about this!" he hissed at her angrily.

Hermione gave a small smirk. She was making him react.

"I still have several hours. I'll let you know by midnight," she said, turning and walking away.

"Midnight? I can't wait around for you to…" he started to say furiously.

"You set the day, not the time, Professor," she said over her shoulder. "The time is in my pitch."

She exited the classroom.

Severus' face was completely black. Why that little impertinent piece of fluff! How dare she set conditions! Wait…just wait until he got her in his home. If she thought he took her for a ride on New Years Eve…

The Professor rose from his desk and exited his classroom in a temper.

Hermione Granger had no idea who she was fucking with.

A/N: Ah, the plot thickens. The return of Master Toorahloo. Just felt like putting the old wizard in here for a moment. Still a dirty old man, lol. But he helped Hermione out again, for his usual fee. So…she has potions to deal with a Potions Master. Plus she managed to piss him off. Not bad, Gryffindor. Not too bad at all. Please review.


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