The Burning Pen

Professor Snape Bangs Again
by Ruth Solomon


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Chapter 16 ~ Sunday Night

Two hours passed and Hermione had not yet awakened. Severus, armed with several purple potions, decided to go wake her. He removed the alarm ward and entered the witch's bedroom, turning up the torches with his wand. She was sleeping peacefully, but one hand was nestled between her thighs, probably in response to the ache she felt. The wizard looked down on her body and his boxers began to tent, distorting the devil smiley's wicked face. Severus grasped the witch by the shoulder and shook her.

Slowly Hermione awoke very groggy and disoriented. She looked up at the wizard, her eyes attempting to focus.

"What did you…"she began, frowning.

The wizard cut her off, opening one of the vials and offering it to her.

"Before you start in, witch, drink these," he said darkly.

Hermione's eyes flicked from his face to the proffered potion, then she took it, and every one after it, drinking them down, and sighing before fixing him with an angry stare.

"You drugged me," she accused. "You gave me a lust potion or something."

The witch reddened as she remembered how she rode the wizard's cock and the things she admitted to him.

"It's bad enough you have me here at your mercy. Did you have to give me a potion too?" she seethed at him.

Severus glowered at her.

"It's nothing less than what you were going to do to me with that "Tenderness" potion you brought here. If I hadn't discovered it, I would have been drooling all over you like some love struck fool," he replied. "Besides, I didn't give you a potion. The lotion you used on me affected you. I needed to test it to see if it worked. I couldn't tell you, or else your reactions might not have been natural. I am utilizing this weekend to the fullest, Hermione.  You can add 'guinea pig" to your list of hats."

He stared at her a moment.  He could tell Hermione was livid.  He continued.

"That potion didn't force you to say or do anything that wasn't already in you to say or do, witch. It enhanced what you already felt for me physically. You made it quite clear you like being fucked by me. I'm not as much of a chore as you thought I'd be," he said to her.

Hermione was about to reply to this when her eyes dropped to his boxers.

"What in the world are you wearing?" she asked him, her eyes widening as she took in the devil smiley face, "Horny devil?"

Severus looked down at his boxers.

"Albus gave me these for my birthday. I found them ridiculous, but…considering our last tryst, I thought them…fitting. And there's an added benefit…"

He reached into the slit and pulled his cock out. It pointed straight at the witch, looking for all the world like a deformed nose. Hermione scowled.

"Oh…now…that's just…just sick!" she exclaimed, "Put it back in!"

Severus' eyes glittered.

"If you insist," he said, falling on top of her.


Severus dragged Hermione into every room of his domicile, fucking her in various positions as he did so, but not coming. He said he was "showing her the house. The witch was bent over sinks and beds, lifted on tables, fucked against walls, on the sofa, the kitchen counter and even on the top of the basement stairs. Severus christened his entire house, fucking the witch to exhaustion before he finally allowed her to retire, having to carry her back to her room, still babbling and shuddering, then administering several more potions (including a calming elixir) before she was comfortable enough to sleep. 

The Potions Master returned to his own bed, very satisfied with the night. He had one more day left with her. He prayed he wouldn't be summoned. Voldemort hadn't called him in more than a month, which meant he was due to make an appearance before the Dark Lord.

If he was summoned, he could count on being tortured, simply because he had not been in the Dark Lord's presence for a couple of weeks. The dark wizard liked to re-establish his dominance over his deatheaters when separated from them for any length of time, and the application of pain was the best way to do that. Plus Voldemort was suspicious of Severus and every time he tortured the wizard, it was with the hope he would reveal some secret he had been keeping from him. But the Potions Master never did, no matter how horrible the pain became. The wizarding world was counting on him, and he would die before he'd turn his back on it.

Well, if he were subjected to Voldemort's tortures, he would focus on this weekend to ease his pain. Severus had a way of moving his mind away from his body's torment by focusing on something pleasant, though he had few pleasant memories. His weekend with Hermione would serve him in more ways than one by helping him survive the horror that was his existence.

The next morning after breakfast, Severus had Hermione bathe him and shampoo his hair. It was quite an intimate act for the witch, and a true pleasure for the wizard. No woman had washed his hair since he was a small child. His mother used to do it for him. Hermione had a very gentle touch and he enjoyed the feel of her fingertips scrubbing his scalp.

Hermione lathered the wizard's locks several times, rinsing it thoroughly as he rolled his head against her hands, almost purring with pleasure, his dark eyes half-lidded, a small smile on his face. When he exited the tub, he sat at the small table in his bedroom while Hermione dried and brushed his hair to a silky gleam.

"You have nice hair, Professor. You should take care of it better," she commented as she let his black locks run over her fingers and fall against his shoulders.

"I don't have time, and besides…it is easier to terrorize students with lanky, stringy hair than soft locks, Hermione."

Hermione looked at him.

"You mean you keep your hair like that on purpose?" she asked the wizard incredulously.

"It's part of the image," he replied, turning in the chair, his dark eyes sweeping over her body. 

Hermione felt a tremor in her belly at the way the wizard looked at her. Was he going to fuck her now?

Severus caught her reaction.

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked her, his head cocked.

Hermione didn't answer him.

He considered the witch a moment, then said, "I thought I'd go easy on you today. I will get my final strokes in tonight. You will be sleeping in my bed to make access to you easier. You can count on being tired at school tomorrow."

The truth was, Severus' cock was a bit sore. He took some healing potions but he still felt the ravages of the weekend. All that ramming and plunging had caught up to the wizard. He planned to make up a batch of his extra-strength healing elixir and soak his cock in it for about an hour to restore it to top condition.

"You can have the run of the house, just stay away from the basement. I'll be working down there and don't want to be disturbed. You might like to peruse my library. There are some fascinating titles there for an aspiring Potions Mistress," he said, rising from the chair, walking over to his wardrobe, opening it and selecting a pair of regular silk boxers. 

His devil-smiley boxers were covered in Hermione's juices. He fucked her with his cock hanging out of the slit the entire night. They needed laundering, not just scourgifying. Hell, he might even save them as is, as a reminder of this weekend.

"I'm going to my lab. Stay out of trouble," he said to the witch darkly, then exited the bedroom.

Hermione stared after the wizard. She had thought he'd be on her the entire day, being it was her last day with him. But she'd read him wrong. She should be happy for the breather, but found herself with mixed emotions.

Hermione knew that more than likely the wizards she would be involved with in the future wouldn't be able to hold a torch to the kinky, randy Potions Master. This didn't mean she wouldn't be able to find a wizard to satisfy her…she'd have her pick after all. The witch didn't plan on forming any kind of serious relationship until after she received her Potions Mistress degree. She'd most likely play the Quidditch pitch and take several lovers over the next few years, so she'd be able to 'shop around.'

Hermione just hoped she wouldn't be looking for a replacement Severus Snape. She already knew she wouldn't find one, strictly because every potential lover she'd meet would be courting her and most likely on his best behavior in and out of the bedroom. None of them would have the hunger of the Professor. He met his needs selfishly, knowing full well that anytime he did so, might be the last time…so he took no prisoners.

Hermione didn't even consider trying to continue a sexual relationship with the wizard. He would turn her down flat. For him, it was all about pleasure, not connection. He had enough connection with the Dark Lord. A steady witch would only complicate things, and most likely be a dangerous addition to his life. She could be taken and used against him. No…Severus wouldn't set himself up that way. As far as witches were concerned, fucking them and sending them home was the best he could do.

Hermione sighed and wandered out of the bedroom. She headed toward the living room, pausing in front of the basement door. He'd be livid if she attempted to go down. She continued on. She'd lose herself in those books he told her about.


Severus quickly brewed up the elixir, cooled it with his wand, poured it into a large, wide mouthed bottle, sat down on a stool and stuck his cock into the soothing liquid with a sigh. Gods, what a relief.

The wizard couldn't remember the last time he fucked so much his cock got sore. He'd had some rather dry witches that made him ache…not that it stopped him, but this was the first time he could remember a witch who had plenty of lubrication making his tool a bit…dull. 

The wizard smirked. 

He hurt, but getting in this condition had been quite rewarding. Hermione was a passionate little witch. Whatever wizard fucked her in the future would be quite lucky. He had no doubt she'd have an active sex life…more than likely a varied one too. She was so focused on her education, he doubted she would tie herself down to one man. At least not until she received her degree. That would be in about six years.

Hopefully by that time, the issue of Voldemort woulf have been settled favorably, and he would still be alive. The wizard really wanted to see the witch succeed. Her brilliant mind would be a welcome addition in the field of Potions as far as he was concerned. 

He was certain many other Potions Masters wouldn't see it that way. The Potions field was dominated by wizards. There were few Potions Mistresses, and they were treated with thinly veiled contempt. But Hermione would be different. She'd refuse to be relegated to the background. The witch would be loud, bold, argumentive and in most cases, correct in her summations of all things Potions.

Severus couldn't wait to see her take the stuffed robes down a few pegs. The Potions field needed fresh blood, movers and original thinkers. Hermione fit the bill perfectly. No doubt she would make great discoveries. Possibly become famous. The wizard planned to send a letter of recommendation to Lewder's without the witch's knowledge. He wasn't doing this to be kind, but to insure she had a leg up as he promised. 

Anytime the Potions Master made a recommendation, it was heeded. He was highly regarded and selective as to whom he placed his faith in. He had no doubt Hermione would excel at the school and with a written letter of approval would be heartily accepted. As a muggle-born she might have difficulty otherwise, even with excellent marks. Prejudice still reigned supreme in the magical world.

Severus sat on the stool, holding the bottle securely around his cock, soaking, allowing his mind to drift to his plans for the witch tonight. He had mulled over the idea of fucking her in the ass as a finale, but in an extremely rare burst of consideration, decided to leave the witch something to take to another lover untouched. 

Plus, it was a lot of work piercing a virgin ass, and could get very messy as well. Hermione was a small witch. Him buggering her would probably feel as if he shoved a log up her ass. The wizard could take a witch screaming and crying during sex…actually he enjoyed it on occasion as it fed his darker nature, but he decided to give the witch a break. Hermione had entered the serpent's den, been bitten numerous times and survived with her spirit intact. That was quite an accomplishment.

He would just take his final pleasure of her, and let Hermione return to Hogwarts, totally experienced as she initially wished and prepared to succeed at all her dreams. 

Severus would return to the hell that was his life.


The Potions Master didn't return upstairs until very late in the evening. After searching for the witch in her bedroom and the living room, he found her in the kitchen making sandwiches. She was setting them on the table when he entered. Severus stopped and looked at her, his eyes raking over her body and his boxers immediately tenting.

"I…I made something to eat," she said, meeting his dark eyes and noticing his arousal. "Sit down and I'll pour you some juice."

Severus hesitated as if deciding whether to go for the food or for the witch. His eyes rested on the sandwiches. Roast beef with lettuce and tomatoes, and a salad. The wizard looked at Hermione again, then walked to the table and sat down wordlessly.

Hermione retrieved a pitcher of orange juice. Severus eyed it, then said, "I didn't have orange juice here."

"I know," Hermione said, pouring him a glass, "but you had oranges. I squeezed this myself. It was something to do."

Severus picked up the glass and drank a bit.

"Quite refreshing," he commented, setting the juice down and starting on his sandwich as Hermione sat down across from him. She picked up her sandwich also and started eating. The pair ate in silence, each lost in their own thoughts."

Suddenly the wizard said, " Do you have any preferences tonight?"

Hermione stopped chewing for a moment, then quickly swallowed down her food with an effort.

"What?" she asked him, her eyebrow raised.

"Do you have any sexual preferences…positions you'd like?" he asked her. "Surely you have a preference."

Hermione studied him for a moment.

"Why would that matter to you? You're the one with the power here. You can fuck me any way you like," she replied.

Severus scowled at her blackly.

"It doesn't matter to me, witch. I was just making a gesture. I see it was wasted," he snarled. "Never mind. You'll be fucked as I see fit."

Hermione realized the wizard had made an effort to be relatively considerate and she had flung it back in his face. Not good. Maybe she could fix it.

"I like when my legs are over your arms and you hold my wrists down," she said quietly.

Severus looked up at her as he bit into his sandwich. His eyes glittered. He chewed, swallowed, then drunk a bit more orange juice.

"You like to be pinned under me, eh? That's a very masochistic position, Hermione," he replied. "You like to be dominated. Probably a psychological response to being on top all the time intellectually. You may need to look for lovers in Knockturn Alley after this."

Hermione sputtered, almost spraying her mouthful of juice across the table.

"Knockturn Alley? I'd never look for a wizard there," she spat at him, "I'm sure I'll be able to find someone suitable elsewhere."

Severus arched an eyebrow. So the witch did intend to take lovers. Good.

"Just a suggestion," he said as he finished his sandwich. "It can be very frustrating when you have a sexual need that isn't fulfilled. It will affect other areas of your life. Even your studies."

"I'm sure I'll be fine, Professor," Hermione said evenly, finishing her sandwich and drinking the rest of her orange juice.

Severus wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood up, his face neutral.

"To my bedroom," he said imperiously, "You'll be fine for tonight, witch, I can assure you that much."

Hermione felt a pulse of heat as she rose and walked past the wizard, who fell into step behind her, his eyes locked to her shifting ass as she walked through the kitchen door, into the living room and down the hallway. He was practically right on top of her. They entered the bedroom. She turned and looked at him.

"You know where to go," Severus said, his black eyes flicking toward the bed.

Hermione walked over to it and was just about to climb in when the Potions Master grabbed her and bent her over the mattress, her feet still on the floor. He lowered his boxers, his cock erect and dripping.

"I think we'll start with the 'bitch' position, Hermione. Let's feed your need," he breathed, entering the witch with a hiss and filling her completely

Hermione buckled and squealed as the Potions Master hit bottom.


The wizard brought his hand down on one smooth buttock, not as hard as when he spanked her in the classroom, but hard enough to make the witch cream him as she shrieked with surprise and a bit of twisted delight.

Dear gods. He was going to spank her.

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